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Oil-filled Paper Insulated Cable

110~220kV Self-contained Oil-filled Paper Insulated Power Cable


CYZQ202 、 CYZQ203 、 CYZQ241

Main Specification:

Number of Cores:  1 Cores  

Cross-section:240mm2 、300mm2 、400mm2 、500mm2 、630mm2 、

700mm2 、800mm2 、845mm2 、1000mm2 、1200mm2 、1400mm 2 、1600mm2

Rated Voltage:



GB/T 9326-2008《AC500kV and Below,Paper or PPP Composite Insulated, Metal Sheath, Oil-filled Cable and Accessories 》、IEC 60141《Tests on oil-filled and gas-pressure cables and their accessories》 

Products Introduction:

Extra-high voltage single-core self-contained lead-sheathed oil-filled power cables with special features such as stability in properties,large transmission capacity, high voltage withstanding level, low dielectric loss, long services life, etc. It’s widely used in the voltage of 66kV and above(EHV), power transmission and distribution system in the city; outlet lines of thermal or hydro power station; connection across the lakes and seas. 

  Cable Structure Drawing: