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Control Cable

Cu PVC (XLPE) Insulated Steel Tape (Steel Wire) Armored PVC Sheathed Control Cable



Main Specification:

KVV22(32)、KYJV22(32)761(1961)  Cores、0.751.0mm²;461(761)Cores、1.52.5mm²;414  Cores、46mm²;410  Cores、10mm²;

KVVP(P2)-22、KYJVP(P2)-22761 Cores、0.751.0mm²;461 Cores、
;414 Cores、46mm²;410 Cores、10mm²

Rated Voltage:



Standard:GB/T 9330

Products Introduction:

Apply to control, monitoring loop, protective circuit, etc. The long-term operating temp. of PVC insulated cable shall not exceed 70℃, and long-term operating temp. of XLPE insulated cable shall not exceed 90℃. The temp. shall not below 0℃ when laying. If it is below 0℃, pre-warming must be taken. Remarks: All the above types have structure of Flame-retardant/Refractory/Halogen-free Low Smoke Flame-retardant/Halogen-free Low Smoke Flame-retardant Refractory. Type of Flame-retardant: ZA(B, C, D)-KVV22, ZA(B, C, D)-KVV32, ZA(B, C, D)-KYJV22, ZA(B, C, D)-KYJV32, ZA(B, C, D)-KVVP(P2)-22, ZA(B, C, D)-KYJVP(P2)-22. Type of Refractory: NH-KVV22, NH-KVV32, NH-KYJV22, NH-KYJV32, NH-KVVP(P2)-22, NH-KYJVP(P2)-22.  

  Cable Structure Drawing: