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XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Rated Voltage 3.6/6~26/35kV Cu(Al) XLPE Insulated Non-Flame Retardant/ Flame-retardant/ Halogen-free Flame-retardant Single-core Power Cable



Main Specification:

Number of Cores:  1 Cores  

Cross-section: 251200mm²

Rated Voltage:



GB/T 12706、IEC60502

Products Introduction:

Apply to: Rated Voltage 3.6/6~26/35kV, high voltage power transmission and distribution system The maximum long-term operating temp. of cable conductor is 90℃. The temp.of cable should not exceed 250℃ when short-circuit(max.duration shall not exceed 5s).Minimum operating temp.of cable is -15℃. Remarks: The “X” in ZX or WDZX means A, B or C, which represents the grade of flame-retardant is A, B, or C. 

  Cable Structure Drawing: