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XLPE Insulated Power Cable

0.6/1kV XLPE Insulated Non-Flame Retardant/ Flame-retardant/ Low Smoke Halogen-free Flame-retardant/Refractory Power Cable


YJV 2262、YJLV 2262、YJV 3272、YJLV 3272、

ZX- YJLV 2262、ZX- YJV 32、72ZX- YJLV 3272、

WDZX- YJY 2363、WDZX- YJLY 2263、WDZX- YJY 3373、

WDZX- YJLY 3273)、N- YJV 2262、N- YJLV 2262、N- YJV 3272、

N- YJLV 3272)、ZXN- YJV 2262、ZXN- YJLV 2262、ZXN- YJV 3272、

ZXN- YJLV 3272WDZXN - YJY 2363、WDZXN - YJLY 2363、

WDZXN - YJY 3373)、WDZXN - YJLY 3373

Main Specification:

Number of Cores:  15 Cores  

Cross-section: 1.5800mm²

Rated Voltage:




Products Introduction:

Apply to: Fixed laying to distribution network or industrial unit. Operating Characteristic: The maximum long-term operating temp. of cable conductor is 90℃. The temp.of cable should not exceed 250℃ when short-circuit(max.duration shall not exceed 5s).Minimum operating temp.of cable is -15℃. Remarks: The X in Type represents Type A/B/C of Flame-Retardant Cable. We can produce cables based on clients’ requests, not only limited to specifications and standards in the list. 

  Cable Structure Drawing: